Rump, duff, caboose, glutes, rear, buns, butt, heine, tush, fanny, derrière, bottom. There is no more majestic, awe-inspiring configuration in nature than the prominent well formed posterior. Men and women have been straining their necks since the beginning of time trying to catch a fleeting glimpse.

I admit to a life long fascination. Forty-five years ago baby Bardot’s spectacular buns – bare on a blanket – convincing my 13-year-old buddies and me that God did in fact create woman.

Nothing has really changed in half a century or in many centuries. Today we accept thong bikinis and magazines that bare all. Much of the world of fashion is built around posterior packaging and merchandising.

Blue jeans are clearly the dominant fashion item in most parts of the world and while relaxed fit may in some venues be in vogue, relaxation never includes the duff.

Lee jeans historically command the largest share of the female jean market because they understand fannies and how to fit them.

Virtually every teen fashion magazine contains information relative to building a better butt.

I have had the pleasure of traveling in the Latin world for many years. Santiago, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Mexico City – skintight jeans – high cheek bones – shoulder length hair – skintight jeans – high heels – skintight jeans. No inhibitions or restraints in showing obvious admiration by either sex and in some cases, patting is accepted.

Here at home we have the same appreciation but are very reluctant to get caught looking, and would no doubt risk physical violence or sexual harassment charges for the uninvited pat. Health clubs present the best possible setting for unrestricted bottom watching, as virtually all females are in some type of leotard – bending, stretching, or otherwise aerobically exercising. It is not OK to pay homage on the street, but entirely appropriate in the weight room.

Most personal trainers and all body building manuals stress the importance/desirability of tight glutes.

While the backbone of the pant business is built around posterior showcasing, to some the subject is still taboo.

As everyone has one, I have often wondered why.